Fibreglass Moulds

At MPM our team are committed to exceeding customer expectations and providing fibreglass moulds of the highest quality, ensuring we enhance your production through the life & quality of the mould. Our moulds are made with the very best materials as we understand they give you the customer long term results.

Fibreglass moulds

If a fibreglass mould is a complicated shape, it can be made from multiple pieces. The pieces are bolted together to make the final mould and makes removal of the final part of the mould possible.

The aim is to make the surface of the mould as smooth & glossy as possible. If the surface quality of the mould is like a mirror then the product will match. The extra care taken in making the mould will reap rewards when the final parts are produced later and in the longevity of life in the mould.

Mould release agents (we always recommend Chemlease from MVP as our chosen semi-permanent) or wax should always be applied to moulds before production of any parts.

"MPM understands the importance of quality, price and delivery. Achieving all 3 is no easy task, but every time we deal with MPM these 3 aspects are achieved."

Keith Siddle, Lamplas | READ THE CASE STUDY

Key Benefits

  • Long lasting mould quality (with vinyl ester surface and best materials throughout)
  • More commercially viable than metal tools for shorter production runs
  • Relatively quick turnaround
  • Once initial product has been passed off, we can produce a master mould

key benefits to working with mpm

  • MPM Understand GRP production and can assist with design input
  • Highly skilled team
  • We can produce moulds for hand-lay, spray-lay, RTM and solid surface
  • We work with you, to ensure we meet your specific requirements (not every customer requires the same)


Fibreglass Moulds - MPM Bradford