CAD Design

MPM believes in developing and innovating for the future through CAD design and CNC machining. MPM can take lined drawings to 2D or 3D models and have the model data machined by CNC in a wide range of materials to create a precision accurate model, part or tool.

What is CAD Design?

Computer Aided Design or CAD design is used to create precision drawings or technical illustrations. Current computer aided design software packages range from 2D vector-based drafting systems to 3D solid and surface modellers. CAD design packages can also frequently allow animations to be created such as rotations in three dimensions, allowing viewing of a designed object from any desired angle, even from the inside looking out.

What are the benefits of CAD design?

There are numerious benefits associated with using computer aided design or CAD design software. Some benefits are tangible as they are visible in the design and production process, while the other benefits are intangible and may not be directly visible although resulting in an improvement in the quality of product.

"In over 16 years of trading with MPM, I have never had cause to question or fault their quality and service.

There was a seamless transition when Ben took the business over from his father 2 years ago, in fact we are now seeing a more proactive role from Ben and his team, which gives us the drive to grow our business. Backed up by quality products, service and advice, we feel confident about the future together."

Mark Turner, Product Manager | READ THE CASE STUDY

Key Benefits

  • Initial time required to create a 2D or 3D model is minimised
  • Ability to quickly and easily revise a design
  • Ability to store aspects of the created drawing so they can be used within other stages of the manufacturing process without any fear of loss of accuracy
  • Precise results that can be recreated and verified quickly
  • Ability to transfer the produced design directly to the next stage in the manufacturing process, eg. CNC machining