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Why Internal Improvements Advice is Key to Manufacturing Success

Striving to improve our team by giving them the confidence to become independent in their decisions and improving their wellbeing at work, are key to our business success. Experienced team member Paul, has been our Internal Improvements Advisor for almost five years and has vast experience in quality assurance, systems/processes, H&S and HR.

We asked Paul how he has helped the team over the years and how he would persuade and advise other businesses on internal improvement.

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The Benefits of Processes and Systems

Whether service sector or manufacturing, high volume or low volume, large or small, the importance of great processes and systems is equally critical to long term success for a team/business.

In fact, it is some times more critical for low volume production or smaller businesses as if it is not documented, as you grow or undertake a job again, the processes & systems may have been forgotten so there is no consistency for the team or customers. If it works, document it and then improve it if and when required (don't be too rigid).

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