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MPM and the Composites UK trade association

There are many great trade associations that provide a vast amount of support for companies in their sectors; Composites UK is one of them. Composites UK is the accredited trade association for the UK composites industry, we have been a member for 4 years and have found their support invaluable and I know many other companies in the industry have found this also. So, why are they so important in the industry?

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As we said in a previous news article at the end of 2012, We never like paperwork for the sake of paperwork, we prefer to concentrate on manufacturing quality product for our customers. However, with the assistance that the ISO standard offers towards the streamlining of our processes and procedures we truly believe that gaining this certification will add value to both product quality and customer service. IT HAS.

We are proud that we have achieved this high standard for our systems and processes and are looking forward to further improvements as we continue to learn and grow into the future.

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