The Benefits of Processes and Systems

Whether service sector or manufacturing, high volume or low volume, large or small, the importance of great processes and systems is equally critical to long term success for a team/business.

In fact, it is some times more critical for low volume production or smaller businesses as if it is not documented, as you grow or undertake a job again, the processes & systems may have been forgotten so there is no consistency for the team or customers. If it works, document it and then improve it if and when required (don't be too rigid).

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A Master Mould is more than an Insurance Policy

We’ve all taken out insurance, right? If you have a car you are legally obligated to insure it, if you have a house you have probably insured it, you’ve probably even taken insurance out on your own life. No one likes taking out insurance but it’s a necessary evil if something were to go wrong, at that point you’re glad that you have it!

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The Right Composite For The Right Project

Before you start any project where you may need composite materials, there are a number of things you need to consider.

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MPM and the Composites UK trade association

There are many great trade associations that provide a vast amount of support for companies in their sectors; Composites UK is one of them. Composites UK is the accredited trade association for the UK composites industry, we have been a member for 4 years and have found their support invaluable and I know many other companies in the industry have found this also. So, why are they so important in the industry?

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Change requires strong leadership

Change is never easy, and changing something that has been an integral cog in our business was certainly not easy, it required strong leadership throughout MPM ensuring the process ran as smoothly as it did.

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Why MPM Utilise KPI's

KPI's (Key performance indicators) are essential for businesses to integrate into their workplace and they have long been used to quantifiably measure the performance of organisations, helping them evaluate the success of the organisation, or a particular activity in which it engages in!

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How ISO 9001 can contribute to the growth of your company

You've probably heard of ISO and if you haven't or don't know what it is, it is the International Organisation for Standardisation. ISO certify international standards are upheld, ensuring quality, safety and efficiency for products, services and systems across the world.

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MPM and Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship gives young people a great route into UK manufacturing! At MPM we help our apprentices develop the necessary skills and knowledge (through on-the-job training and guided learning).

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Don't Compromise On Quality

Comparing quotes can be difficult, here is a guide to make it simple!

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