Old School Practices make MPM a great choice for student placements

Alex Weeks, First Year Product Design student at Bangor University writes about his experience at MPM

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Training, Skills & Succession: What we can take from the Football World.

Recently I was asked who was to blame for the lack of skills and to my surprise I answered, “the employer”. For many years I have heard, and been a part of the manufacturers voice claiming that the lack of skills was the fault of schools, colleges and the government etc. etc. Until now.

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Can GRP deal with high volume production?

As with any project, it is about finding the best and most commercially viable solution for the customer. Recently, these are just 5 of the questions/quotes that have been thrown at us;

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Highlights of 2016

2016 was a year of fast growth and a step change in how the business was run and where our focus needed to go. I am extremely pleased with the fantastic response of the team and this was reflected in the positive feedback on how we dealt with such fast growth, new products, all while being aware of what we needed to improve moving forward.

Although much has been implemented, 2017 will see us continue to take small steps forward in-line with our vision and values towards growth and opportunities.

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The History of GRP

Glass fibres have been produced for centuries. In fact, the ancient Egyptians were able to produce glass and transform it into fibres. The issue however, was that they could only make a small amount at a time and that the produced fibre was very coarse.

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GRP vs Carbon Fibre

Although Carbon Fibre is still the main buzz word within the composite industry, is it really head and shoulders above anything else?

We have compared the two types of materials below against numerous criteria with the aim of answering this question.

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12 products you may not know are made from GRP

Fibreglass is an immensely versatile material due to the fact that it is lightweight, strong, weather resistant and does not stain. As a result of these features, manufacturers have the ability to create a vast range of products in numerous industries.

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Why Internal Improvements Advice is Key to Manufacturing Success

Striving to improve our team by giving them the confidence to become independent in their decisions and improving their wellbeing at work, are key to our business success. Experienced team member Paul, has been our Internal Improvements Advisor for almost five years and has vast experience in quality assurance, systems/processes, H&S and HR.

We asked Paul how he has helped the team over the years and how he would persuade and advise other businesses on internal improvement.

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The Benefits of Studying for a Qualification in Health and Safety

A NEBOSH general certificate gives a good foundation in health and safety to managers, supervisors and team members with health and safety in their daily responsibilities.

Health and safety is of great importance to the company and it is part of our cultural succession plan for MPM. “We want to ensure we cover all areas and not leave any open to issues - health and safety is one of them,” says Ben.

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The Challenges and Benefits of Running a Family Owned Business

Ben Wilson is the Business Leader of MPM - A successful manufacturing composite business with a turnover that has more than doubled since becoming Business Leader and running the business alongside his brothers: Syd the Product Development and Business Leader and Dylan Wilson the Operations Leader.

A friend of mine recently asked me, “What do you love about running a family business? You’ve built a successful composite manufacturing firm with your brothers and father. You’ve expanded the business and yet you’ve kept the same values about not accepting second best of yourselves or others. My brothers would have torn each other’s heads off by now! I don’t know how you do it!”

This discussion caused me to sit down and really think about the benefits and challenges of running a family owned business as the Business Leader.

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