The Benefits of Processes and Systems

The Benefits of  Processes and Systems

Whether service sector or manufacturing, high volume or low volume, large or small, the importance of great processes and systems is equally critical to long term success for a team/business.

In fact, it is some times more critical for low volume production or smaller businesses as if it is not documented, as you grow or undertake a job again, the processes & systems may have been forgotten so there is no consistency for the team or customers. If it works, document it and then improve it if and when required (don't be too rigid).


It gives your team the confidence that they are doing the right thing to deliver a consistent product or service to your customers.

It provides consistency for your customers.

Makes training easier
It enhances and makes training easier.

Less vulnerable
It makes the company/team less vulnerable and reliant on individuals.

Higher sale value
Your business will have a higher sale value.

Better proposition
You will have a better proposition for the customer to deal with.

Allows you to lead
It allows you to lead people and manage systems.

Contingency planning
It improves contingency planning for all eventualities.

Enhanced customer experience
It makes it easier for your team to succeed and enhances your customer experience.

Improves succession planning
It improves succession planning in all areas and gives you flexibility during absences.

Improved Information
It improves information, sharing and recall when required.


May seem like a lot of work
It may seem like a lot of work to put in place at the beginning. However, once you get into a rhythm it gets a lot easier.

May slow things down in the beginning
It can be too rigid if allowed and designed poorly; which can slow thing down in the beginning, however, it will save you time in the long run.

Marketing tool
Some companies may only use ISO and other systems as a marketing tool (sad but we've seen it), however, if you use it as it is supposed to be used then there is no problem.

May seem like a big change
It can seem like a big change to a team and feel like a negative control system in the beginning, however, change is good, and you will see the benefits.

Although there are a few small drawbacks at the beginning, (isn't there with everything?) don't let them put you off, they are short-term kinks that can be easily ironed out, you will reap the benefits later on. It's important to remember if you are a smaller business processes and systems will help your business be scalable if you were to grow.

So go on, what are you waiting for - get some systems in place and start documenting to improve your team/business.

Article by MPM

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