Solidworks brings improved innovation to MPM

Here at MPM we have invested in Solidworks software in order to improve our design and innovation capability and extend these benefits to our clients.
The software is used by all the British based F1 teams, so if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for us!

Prototypes reached in shorter lead times

The Solidworks software allows MPM to design and engineer new and existing products whilst also allowing MPM to read, analyse, re-design and test any CAD model or drawing that is sent to them by clients.

With the ability to structurally test models, run assemblies to test for any interferences, a greater attention to detail and quality can be reached quicker.
This means that the length of time to create a prototype will be much shortened and will, in most cases, lead to reduced levels of investment required to reach the final design stage.

Flexibility and Quality

"The most enjoyable part of learning this new software is the realisation that so much is now possible. MPM can really use this to improve their design and prototype services, whilst adding that extra layer of innovation to all designs. The flexibility offered is fantastic, greatly improving choice to both MPM and our clients.

There is so much to learn, that it is a challenge to make sure that we pick up the key benefits for our clients allowing us all to see big improvements in our businesses as quickly as possible"

Syd Wilson
Business and Product Developer

Article by MPM

Improvement, Innovation
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