Pictures speak louder than words.

You can see how we are progressing and the enthusiasm the team have in getting back to ‘business as normal’. Their attendance has been at an average of 98% and our new STRONGER TOGETHER mantra is at the core of how we have made such fantastic progress.

Already back to 72% of average weekly output by turnover, within 6 weeks of the fire, the team are showing great resilience and a united vison for an improved future.

Both customers and suppliers have been extremely supportive showing the true strength of a great supply chain and strong relationships.  Sometimes you just can’t wait for the timing or situation to be perfect, you just have to get on and do it and the team have been testament to that.

"To come from where we were as a team the morning of the 7th February without a single mould, it amazes me we have turned it around so quickly.  The team has really come together and worked in some really challenging situations to help get back to business as usual and servicing all customer requirements, keeping their business disruption to a minimum."  Ben Wilson

Article by MPM

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