MPM support the local apprenticeship scheme

Jake Thornton and Joshua Pickersgill were selected from 10 applicants to join the MPM team. This is the first time for some years that MPM have decided to train up young local school leavers to help grow their team, providing a firm base for MPM as they continue to grow.

The 2 apprentices chosen are both local and very willing to learn. They will specialise in key areas of the business, one in production and one in the finishing team, by doing this they will become key members of a team and learn how to focus on what is really important in their role with respect to customer service and quality.

"I am delighted to be able to join such a positive and busy team, already I feel that I can make a positive impact to the production targets and am able to see how this impacts on the final product. I know that there is a career here for me and am excited to be able to take up this apprenticeship."
- Joshua Pickersgill

Article by MPM

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