MPM and Apprenticeships

MPM and Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship gives young people a great route into UK manufacturing! At MPM we help our apprentices develop the necessary skills and knowledge (through on-the-job training and guided learning).

MPM and Apprenticeships

We have employed apprentices for 4 years now, and with the number of young people seeking apprenticeships rising we hope that the government will continue to support and to encourage the scheme.

Statistics show that 72% of businesses report improved productivity when employing apprentices, and that a massive 96% of employers find that apprentices are a benefit to their company.  The average apprenticeship increases business productivity by £214 per week and adds real value to the long term development of the business.

But without boring you with facts and figures, let me tell you why we employ apprentices.
Good laminators are hard to find, in fact an industry norm is to say "a good laminator is never out of work". We have approached recruitment agencies looking for experienced laminators, but without success.  This presents a problem to us as employers.  The solution is to train young people ourselves, integrating them into the culture of MPM.  We do this by means of apprenticeships.

The younger generation look at things with fresh eyes, fresh ideas and a different perspective (one that is not always seen by the older few of us).  We are probably better placed than some to comment, having directors of MPM who have done the job, and so know what is required for effective training and support (Dylan, our Operations Leader, basically taught himself from the age of 16).

An apprenticeship gives young people a great route into UK manufacturing!  (For those who have passed under the academic radar at school, or who do not wish to go to university). At MPM we help our apprentices develop the necessary skills and knowledge (through on-the-job training and guided learning).  The manufacturing apprenticeship is an excellent medium for teaching, and for demonstrating the importance of consistent quality and of proven systems of work.

The ‘should’ and ‘should not's’ of running an apprenticeship:

  • Apprentices should NOT be seen as cheap labour. They should have an end goal and be fully integrated into the company.  It is about the company’s and the individual’s progress, and not form filling and funding.
  • They should NOT be seen as a 12 month stop gap!  MPM guarantees a job at the end of the apprenticeship!
  • The apprenticeship MUST be in-line with your businesses goals.
  • You SHOULD ensure you have a supportive and knowledgeable assessor who understands the business (not just filling in forms).
  • You SHOULD have mentors within the business who can support the development of its apprentices.
  • You SHOULD accept it will be an up and down road, and that they will need support.

If you are a UK manufacturer and haven't thought about apprenticeships we suggest you do.  From personal experience we can say that they are an asset to MPM.

From studying the facts it is clear they are an asset to every company who employs them; and that they are an important stimulus for  growth in the economy.

If you are a young person, who isn't quite sure about university or higher education click here! Or get in touch with us here at MPM!

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