Life after the fire... the next 12 months

Our 40th year definitely proved to be one to remember! After a devastating fire ripped through the factory, on Feb 6th 2018, leaving nothing but ashes, we came back fighting and were back up and running within 14 days. This was only possible through the dedication, diligence and teamwork of our staff.

“MPM have been brilliant and if I had not known, I would have never realised about the fire, given the service we still received” - Paul Haigh – Just Trays”

We moved to a new factory just 9 working days after the fire. With a passionate team and a ‘can do attitude’ we were able to start again and design a more effective and operational shop floor layout. This layout has physically improved our ability to work as a team, which in turn has helped create streamlined systems of work enhancing our processes and production for all our clients.

Each area of work is now clearer and more defined which in turn has helped us to optimise our techniques. We have a more effective workplace and have become stronger in all aspects of the working environment. The shop floor is now a safer and more refined environment in which to work, making our teams more effective.

In fact, due to the above we managed to achieve a turnover target only 0.4% below our 2017 figures and improve turnover/retention in the team.

Towards the end of the year we were able to grow our team with an additional Director coming on-board who is dedicated to MPM’s growth and who will focus specifically on expansion in new and existing markets. With an exciting 2019 planned and projected growth of 20% it really does seem that MPM has come back stronger than ever.

MPM as a team has grown, the atmosphere is energetic and we are all enjoying every challenge and the resulting success it has brought. We have overcome major obstacles in our path over the past 12 months and the work mantra Stronger Together has definitely become part of the fabric and spirit of the team.

“We were devastated when the fire destroyed our factory. However, we have all been included in planning and organising the new shop floor, so we feel personally more involved in the development of our processes and work flows. The bigger, more open space in the factory means we can now see so much better how our factory works from order to despatch and the communications between teams are much quicker and more effective.”
Jonny - Plant Leader

One exciting development in 2019 is our in-house Employee Training Manual which has been created for all new starters including apprentices. This functional workbook will be a key tool in educating our new team members about MPM, our values, processes and standards. If there was one thing that makes MPM stand out from its competitors would be its award-winning, dedicated and industrious team who continually strive for excellence in manufacturing, ensuring that the client is the focus of all that we do.

Article by MPM

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