12 products you may not know are made from GRP

Fibreglass is an immensely versatile material due to the fact that it is lightweight, strong, weather resistant and does not stain. As a result of these features, manufacturers have the ability to create a vast range of products in numerous industries.

To help highlight this, see our list of products that you may not realise were made from GRP.

GRP wind turbine blades

Wind turbine blades

GRP boats

Boat hulls

GRP Storage tanks

Storage tanks

GRP fun park rides

Fun park & water park rides

GRP helicopter rotor blades

Helicopter rotor blades

Helmets and protective gear

Helmets & protective gear

GRP medical instrument enclosures

Medical instrument enclosures

Bath tubs and shower trays

Bath tubs & shower trays

GRP traffic lights

Traffic light enclosures

Caravan and Leisure Vehicless

Caravans & leisure vehicles

GRP automotive parts

Automative parts & conversions

Construction elements

Construction elements

If you can think of any other products that are made from GRP and that others may not be aware of, please let us know in the comments below.

Article by MPM

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