Don't Compromise On Quality

Don't Compromise On Quality

Comparing quotes can be difficult, here is a guide to make it simple!

Don't Compromise On Quality

Are you in the process of comparing quotes from composite companies? Unsure of which company to go for? Wait!!!! Before you decide, what they are quoting may be substandard, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Like-For-Like:
    When receiving quotes, you should always check if they are like-for-like, there are many different materials that are used in the industry to create these moulds, some a lot higher quality than others. So be mindful, the price could reflect the quality of material used to create the mould.
  2. A good mould takes time:
    Don't believe all the hype in regards to speed of turnaround using some of the tooling systems, as they require time to cure no matter what the literature states.  Rush the mould and you get movement and long-term value is compromised.
  3. Master mould:
    Always order a master mould once your production mould is approved, this will act as an insurance policy against a part being stuck in the mould, accidents or fires and will allow you to produce multiple production moulds
  4. Long term Value:
    Always look for long-term value, as it is an investment in your products, customers and lifetime value of your mould.
  5. Semi-Permanent release agent:
    Ensure your mould is released using a semi-permanent release agent (chemlease products recommended) ready for production, this will save you time and the risk of first product release.
  6. Deadlines:
    Ensure your supplier can meet your deadlines and can stick to them, if they can't this can create chaos in your own production schedule ultimately letting your customers sown.

Of course price and turnaround are important elements to consider when comparing quotes, you want to get the best price for a product in the quickest time possible. But don't compromise on quality, a cheap price and quick turnaround could give you a sub-standard product.

Article by MPM

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