Creating a team for continuous improvement

MPM are starting to see the benefits of their hard work on the NVQ programme- Improving Business Performance.

This NVQ is a work-based competency qualification, where the main objective of the award is to improve business performance by enabling companies and organisations to reduce their waste/costs, improve their productivity and ultimately increase their competitiveness.

The benefits to MPM and their clients are many and include

  • Reducing costs and waste
  • Improving business performance
  • Maximising the company's financial health
  • Helping to reduce workplace accidents and most critically..
  • It boosts staff morale which also improves our clients' experience

The individual gains a real sense of achievement not only within their current role but also by having a nationally recognised qualification which they can take to any employer as a real reason why they should be employed above other candidates.

"I was unsure at first about doing a NVQ, gradually though I have found that I have gained practical, invaluable knowledge both for my job and the overall business. This has enabled me to work more efficiently, intelligently and effectively. Work routines are clearer,more manageable, making day to day tasks less stressful. This qualification provides every team member with the practical knowledge to make every day a success, both individually and for the company as a whole."
Andrew Moore NVQ level 2

Article by MPM

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