Can GRP deal with high volume production?

As with any project, it is about finding the best and most commercially viable solution for the customer. Recently, these are just 5 of the questions/quotes that have been thrown at us;

  • I think the volume is too high for hand-lay GRP
  • Can we do that many in GRP?
  • You can’t do that many in hand-lay GRP can you?
  • Do we need to go to RTM?
  • Can you cope with those numbers?

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that all GRP manufacturing companies are hobby type businesses or low volume (I thought that stereotype had changed but recently found that was not the case in one instance). Yes, some are very bespoke and there are large and small companies out there to help you with GRP tooling and production requirement. However, there are companies out there producing high volume items in full GRP.

For example: some bath manufacturers using fibreglass and polyester resin to back up acrylic sheet in volumes as high as 6,000 per week.

This high volume production in GRP/Fibreglass supports the leisure, construction, coach build and many other markets throughout the UK.

Recently MPM have produced up to 150 of one product in hand-lay per week. The product did not lend itself to chop-spray or RTM and commercially it just didn’t add up. However, as a guide, if your project requires 5 sets/products per week, or 20 sets/products per month or 200 sets/products per year, then hand-lay or chop-spray may be best placed to meet your requirements. These are not high enough numbers to automate the process, but they are still substantial enough that you need a consistent and reliable supplier. We are happy to be part of the SME sector supporting the manufacturing community.

At MPM we have just increased volume on a product from a new customer (who was advised he needed RTM) from 20 to 80 sets per month and exceeded their expectations helping them increase their own sales. This all been carried out in hand-lay, to the highest quality and with quality materials throughout, meeting every deadline along the way. Check out our case study for this project.

There are many benefits to each process involved in the GRP (Composites) sector and all should be investigated to find the best solution for you. If you wish to discuss any part of this we are happy to talk and if we can’t help, we will point you in the direction of someone who can.

Article by MPM

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