Apprenticeships Yorskhire event and new employees

We recently attended the Yorkshire Apprenticeship event at the John Charles Centre for Sport in Leeds.

Apprenticeships Yorkshire is an event organised by Ahead Partnership, a not for profit organisation that provides support and creates links between businesses, schools and community groups.

The aim of this event was to connect students from a number of schools across Leeds and the surrounding area with locally based apprenticeship employers in a variety of sectors, whilst at the same time dispelling myths that continue to surround apprenticeships.

Students took part in a variety of workshops throughout the day designed to better inform them of apprenticeships and develop their employability skills. We advised about our roles, sectors and apprenticeship vacancies.

The reason why we empoly apprentices is that good laminators are hard to find, in fact an industry norm is to say "a good laminator is never out of work". We have approached recruitment agencies looking for experienced laminators, but without success.  This presents a problem to us as employers.  The solution is to train young people ourselves, integrating them into the culture of MPM.  We do this by means of apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are important for the future of  UK manufacturing and we hope to employ more apprentices this year to work with the team. 

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