A Master Mould is more than an Insurance Policy

A Master Mould is more than an Insurance Policy

We’ve all taken out insurance, right? If you have a car you are legally obligated to insure it, if you have a house you have probably insured it, you’ve probably even taken insurance out on your own life. No one likes taking out insurance but it’s a necessary evil if something were to go wrong, at that point you’re glad that you have it!

The same can be said about a master mould (not to be confused with Master Mold, the X-Men villain), it’s an insurance policy if something were to go wrong.

Now we know that it’s not always possible or commercially viable to produce a master mould once you have a pattern and production mould, but here are some reasons that we would recommend it:

  • If you require greater volumes than first anticipated you can produce multiple production moulds from the master mould.
  • It gives you peace of mind.
  • You can produce replacement moulds should you:
    1. Get a product stuck to the production mould as a result of the operator forgetting to apply or reapply the release agent.
    2. Damage the mould when de-moulding (we’ve seen this done with chisels, knives etc.)
    3. Scratch the mould when producing a part, which takes the release agent off, and if not reapplied it will pull a part of the mould face away on the next product.
    4. Have a fire or any unforeseen circumstance which may ruin your moulds (It’s always wise to keep master moulds away from moulds or off-site if possible).

As mentioned earlier, a master mould is an insurance policy, no one likes to take out insurance, but you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you did if the worst was to happen and something did go wrong, the old adage “it’s better to be safe than sorry” is extremely poignant in this situation.

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