89% of MPM team highly engaged compared to the UK average of 59%

MPM is excited to announce that the results of their independent employee engagement survey are in. The results show that they have a highly engaged team, with 89% of those surveyed being actively engaged compared to the UK average of 59% across all industries.

“It’s fantastic to see that all of the hard work that we, as a team, have put into our internal systems has paid off. The benefits will not just be felt by MPM, but by our customers as well.”
Ben Wilson, Managing Director

Having a highly engaged team provides a great boost to the business for the following reasons:

Loyal and Experienced – Team Spirit

Here at MPM we have just gone through a challenging period due to a fire at our premises that gutted everything, and we have had to set-up at another location.

The team’s collective loyalty resulted in everyone pulling together which minimised downtime. The vast collective experience of the team resulted in the ability for MPM to restart manufacturing high quality GRP components within 4 weeks after the fire.

Thanks to the loyal and experienced team here at MPM, we were back to 72% of our average weekly output by turnover within 6 weeks of the blaze.

“I never think of seeking employment outside of MPM. MPM comes first … and they know it!” Anonymous quote from a member of the MPM team

Highly Motivated & Passionate – Happy at Work

The team is highly motivated and passionate about the work they are undertaking. Not only does this come across when our customers deal with members of the team, helping to produce a positive relationship, this “can-do” attitude is extremely useful when working towards tight deadlines while maintaining the high standards expected by our customers.

“The vision and the company goals align with my own. The company is always looking for ways to improve and take feedback from the team as a whole which means everyone is on the same page and heading for the same goals as a team.”
Anonymous quote from a member of the MPM team

Pride in the work produced – Quality Outputs

Employees who are engaged with the business take responsibility for their work and take great pride in the quality of the end result.

“I do not think it is hard to take accountability for your own actions.”
Anonymous quote from a member of the MPM team

Engagement Survey

The engagement survey was conducted by Pro-Development who believe that if you want to grow your business, you need to Grow your People. Employers want employees who ‘go the extra mile’ whereas employees want a worthwhile job that also inspires them. Therefore, more and more organisations are looking for a win-win solution that meets their needs and those of their employees.

MPM’s results can be seen below:

MPM Enagagement Chart

“It is important to us that any work we do together has a clear and focused outcome that adds value and makes a difference to you. Our values of Honesty and Integrity, Making a Difference, Working as a Team, Creativity and Fun guarantee that when we work with you, you will have a great experience which focuses on achieving results for everyone.”
Pro Development

Article by MPM

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