The history of MPM

1970s Van1978

Aged 29, Brian Wilson set MPM up as a pattern shop. Renting premises yards from home and bringing up a young family, relationships both business and family became the focus.  A steady growth from patterns to moulds and then production of GRP parts followed.  The steady growth meant that the company became too big, and in;

New premises and expanion in the 1980s1980

MPM Purchased new premises whilst diversifying into a DIY shop and luxury bathroom showroom.  The company continued to grow with a factory extension and more GRP production and tooling.

The recession and increasing interest rates became a major challenge to the business growth & sustainability, so in 1988 – 1989 the company moved to smaller premises and Brian & his wife Susan drove MPM through some economic challenges and diversified again into the conservatory market setting up Mecanex Ltd with Phil Burnley.  Then came the time for the family business to grow again and in;


Their middle son - Dylan joins MPM, followed shortly by Ben in 1993. The brothers get involved and really drive the business forward, supporting their father in both manufacturing and client relationships.

The business really flourishes. During this period Alan Godden is made a shareholder in Mecanex and the companies go from strength to strength with Mecanex investing in property as the order book and sales increase. The two sons were not enough and in;

Brothers take over the reins2002

Syd Wilson, the youngest brother, joins the team and Ben starts to take a more prominent role in running the factory.  As Mecanex began to fade away, the time had come to build on MPM’s traditional services and rebuild the customer base and order book.  As technology increases and Brian realises his ambitions (one of which was to see the family continue the business), it was time to step down and in;


The brothers take over the reins. Alan continues as company director and they begin making their own plans for the future and growth, whilst at the same time moving to new premises and expanding the factory for a brighter future.  The brothers set about building a new style of business working with solid foundations and traditional family values building a team committed to the vision for the future. The next 5 years became quite a whirlwind and by;

Paul joins full time2015

MPM expanded into all of the production area in the factory and continue to drive a sustained growth. Paul Williams joins as a full time improvements advisor, and the company achieve approx. 20% growth year on year, building the customer base and order book at a steady rate and across different sectors.

In this year the company achieves the ISO 9001 quality standard and picks up numerous awards. Repeat business is very strong, retaining many of the core customers along with the core people in the team. The vision and values are set for an extremely bright and successful future.

improved trimming facilities 2016

Syd decided to move on, making more time for himself to do whatever he chooses without the everyday stresses that a Director of a family business faces.

MPM improved the working environment for the team whilst enhancing the future success of MPM through improved trimming facilities provided by RPL Construction. The new booth improved the effectiveness of the team and on-time deliveries for customers by reducing project bottlenecks.


With the company continuing to grow, MPM increase the number of employees to ensure they can accommodate the increase in orders.

Managing Director Ben is re-elected onto the Composites UK Board of Directors for 2017/18. Composites UK aim to support the industry so that it may continue to grow and participate in the increasingly competitive world of global composite production.

The lighting in the building is upgraded to LED lighting which helps the company become more environmentally friendly by saving over 14 tonnes of carbon per annum.

2018 Fire2018

On February 6 at 11pm, Ben Wilson was woken up by a phone call telling him that the business that his father had established, in 1978 was on fire. The fire eventually destroyed everything.

Ben praised local businesses and the entire team, who pitched in with help and support in the aftermath of the blaze. New premises were found and within 6 weeks the business was back up to 80% capacity. By May 2018 MPM are confident of hitting targets and the business is back on a sound footing financially.

Seeing the team step up was the most pleasing thing from this testing chapter in the 40 year old family firm’s history. Despite the fire, MPM has managed to retain the whole team. The business re-brands and is back #strongertogether.