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Pattern Making

MPM has in-house pattern makers with over 32 years experience specialising in composites. These extremely experienced members of our team provide MPM with the service of being exceptionally versatile to any project, making MPM intensely flexible in finding solutions.

How do our pattern makers work?

Our skilled pattern makers can work from any technical line drawing supplied by the client as long as full measurements and dimensions are provided.

Skilled Pattern Making

  • Amends and modifications can be made quicker

  • Costs can be less than having to go back and alter the original CAD model.

  • Certain complex shapes can be created that CNC machining can't achieve.

  • Certain surface surfaces can be created that CNC machining can't apply

  • Large scale patterns can be produced that can't fit on a CNC machine

More information on skilled pattern making

For more information relating to skilled pattern making and what MPM can offer you, please complete the information below.